Why Buy Premium Services?

Tibia2004 is free, and players are welcome to play free of charge for as long as they like. However, if you enjoy Tibia2004, you may consider buying a Premium Service to take Tibia2004 even further. Premium services consist in different kind of benefits, like: name and sex changing, new recovery key, days of premium account status, nostalgic souvenirs from partners or exchange in premium coins. As a premium player you will have additional abilities and advantages inside and outside the game.

The following benefits about premium account status:

Discounts when Traveling
As a premium player you can travel cheap! After activate your premium account status do you'll receive 10% of discount on each travel to another town (not acumulative).
Become a World Resident
When you have premium account status, its possible to become a resident in all cities, including: Edron, Ankrahmun and Darashia. And start new characters on these cities as citizen in mainland.
No Queues on Rookers
You never will deal with queues anymore! With premium account status, rookie characters pass the Rookgaard players limitation (150 non-vocations characters on Rookgaard).
Double of capacity
Each city depot receive 1000 slots of capacity (non-premium is 500 slots).
A place to Live
Premium account status provide the possibility to bid and rent a house, only a house per world.
Personal Friends Army
Guilds who the founder have account status active, dont have limit of members (limit is 25).
Exclusive outfits
Feel like a great warrior, powerfull wizard or richest nobleman using premium outfits.
Always Remembered
You never will be forget! All contributors are added on community memorial.

Please note this is not an exhaustive list. Other benefits are sure to follow, but it is also possible that existing ones are changed or even removed in future. Buy a Premium Account status today or other premium services and enjoy the full Tibia2004 experience!

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