This section provides encyclopaedic information about the world Tibia2004.

The first part deals, of course, with the maps, you can find a map of the whole continent as well as maps and descriptions of interesting areas.

The creatures page provides a collection of all animals and monsters living in Tibia2004. Along with each race there are information about its behaviour, data of its strength, a list of loot that can be found with it, and some hints of experienced hunters about how to fight against it.

If you want to learn more about the spells in Tibia2004, take a look at the magic section. There you can read about the pronunciation, effect, difficulty and mana consumption of each spell. Look for some NPCs selling these spells to your characters in the game.

The last page of the library section shows the experience table. There you can look up how much experience points a character has to gain for a specific level.

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