The Tibia2004 server idea born from the concept of make a old graphic, 2D game, with a new infrastructure and solid service.

Your first step was developing a stable game code for multiple servers in different regions of the planet and make a retro design in a new user experience, but keep the oldschool essence in this game.

Our passion with tibian community and hardest conquests, is the motivation to keep building a free game when someone can become a great character in this RPG history, that was the energy and fuel to your dedication for delivering a great service since your account creation, and game server first connection.

The most important pillar of this project is make the fair play happens, with constant development against botters and others cheaters, and a lot of tools to prevent people for using that kind of software.

Tibia2004 trained our gamemasters(volunters) team to support our community, and make justice with the power of community rules.

Oldschool game mechanics simulation and the development about it has been a challege, and our contributors has been crucical to make this new unique community.

SickSoft has been developing tools like mobile app and discord bots to connect players with others and integrate all server with new tecnologies.

This community is our cause and everything.

This history continues..

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