General questions about Tibia2004

If you have any questions about the client controls, general game play, use of accounts or the official homepage please have a look at the help board on Forum. Alternative option is our Discord Server. Most problems are already explained there. You can also use the help of the Tibia2004 client. For example you will find some good hints there on how to start as a new player.

Moreover, you may post your request on the forum. In particular the help board is a good place to pose questions. Since Tibia2004 is an online game you can always ask other players in the game for help. Finally, you can ask tutors using the help channel (Ctrl+T) in the game. All of them will be glad to help you.

Problems concerning your account

If you have problems to log into your account, e.g. you have forgotten your password, you have to use our Lost Account Interface. A dialog will open up where you can specify your problem. Also, you will be asked for some additional information to make sure that you are indeed the rightful holder of the account. Once you have entered all the required information the interface will tell you what to do next. We regret to say that if the Lost Account Interface cannot help you we also cannot help you through email support.

Questions about banishments and the Tibia2004 Rules

In case you get banished and you do not know why, take a look at your account page. There you can find an entry in your criminal record showing you the reason and the duration of the banishment. Please make sure that you know the Tibia2004 Rules. If you think you have been unjustly banished you can complain about the banishment on your account page. Moreover, you can contact the gamemasters at the discussion board if you have a general question about banishments or the rules.

If you find other players violating the Tibia2004 Rules please inform our gamemasters. Using the rule violation report (Ctrl+R) in the game, you can contact all gamemasters and counsellors that are currently online on your game world. Please understand that false reports may also be punished by the gamemasters.

Contacting SickSoft

Finally, you may consider contacting our customer support team if you feel you have received insufficient help so far. Please write an email to
and carefully read all answers you get.

Due to the high amount of emails we get each day just write one to reduce the work load. Please understand that we cannot answer all emails we receive. But in important cases we will certainly reply to you, just have a few days patience.

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