In this section you can find detailed information about the players in Tibia2004 and the game servers. Each page is being updated regularly - according to its actuality every ten minutes up to once a day. The footer shows the time of creation.

The next part, Who Is Online?, provides a list of all players currently online. If you click on a player's name, you will receive detailed information about him or her. You can also use the entry box at the bottom of the page to get information about a specific player.

The part highscores shows the best players for each skill class, i.e. experience, magic, shielding, distance fighting, sword fighting, club fighting, axe fighting, fist fighting and fishing.

The last parts include a census on the Tibian population displaying the distribution of professions, sexes and residences. Players at level 1 are not counted.

The kill statistics show how often each monster type was killed by players and how often players were killed by each kind of monsters. The table shows the number of kills during the last day and during the last week.

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